Jodie Sinclair

What started off as a distraction posting a photo and a song a day on Instagram for a year, turned into a documentary of one of the most challenging years of my life.  It showed my highs and lows of dealing with grief while trying to maintain a sense of humour and hold down a busy career in publishing and media.

Which lead me to here.  What does a self confessed beauty addict, who’s idea of balance is a Pilates class followed by a glass of wine do when she resigns from her job?  She travels, she blogs and shares more photos and songs a day on Instagram due to her friends requests.

With a love of travel, photography, fashion, beauty and wellbeing thanks to a career spanning across fitness, beauty and publishing industries, Not The Jealous Kind is combining all of my interests and passions into one area.  I’ll be sharing my experiences and passions as I set out on a journey in search of adventure, relaxation and good vibes.


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